A Review of “A Woman Called Truth”

Good, better, best?

Heads Up Productions is much like the Toy Story franchise – every time they do something, it just gets better and better.

Starting with an evident passion for theatre, a set of skills and talent pervades everything that they do.  Heads Up makes theatre for the mind, heart and soul. Their latest production of A Woman called Truth is no exception to this code of conduct.

The cast was comprised of India Burton as Sojourner Truth with Randall E. Hall, April Haugabrook, Tyler Hodges, Eliza Marie Jacops, Bobby Round and Kim Woodworth filling in as the multitude of other persons who were in Sojourner’s life.

This cast was where the production held its power. India, as the title character, had a solid and powerful characterization of Sojourner Truth, which was contrasted by the rest of the cast who quickly changed from person to person to person.

The story was told as Ms. Truth would have told it. All of the other persons seemed to be her recollection of them; though the ensemble was fully committed to the humanity of every character, never losing themselves in the story, instead staying true to each moment.

The set was simple, comprised of five wooden boxes. The lighting was also kept to a minimum. The simplicity of the set and lighting allowed them not to get in the way of the storytelling. It enhanced it. You saw everything – no holds barred. There was simple truth to be found in the story of A Woman Called Truth. I wait with anticipation for whatever Heads Up will bless us with next.

-Jackson Sturkey
January 2011


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