Assistant Artistic Director’s NEW Short Film

TJ Jozsa, our Assistant Artistic Director, has been working with the minds behind Mike & Ike and Very Amateurish Productions to bring you this (disturbing) Valentine’s Day present.  Hope you enjoy.


  1. Nici Romo says:

    After working with Jeff Holland, on a different project I was looking forward to this performance. At first slow moving the pay out at the end was worth it. TJ delivers a haunting yet interesting performance in this piece. Viewing it was exciting to watch because I could not see Tj’s face. I don’t know if this was a director’s choice or just my computer did that but it worked. The climax made me wanting more. What happened when she got out of the chair? In the opening piece, Tj talks about making love to her. Did she know she was sleeping with her son? I love the Odepus storyline. well done. Let’s see more!


  1. […] listen to Mike and Ike’s All Star Summer Jamboree Episode 5 and catch the interview with the ‘Skeleton’s’ cast, including Assistant Artistic Director TJ Jozsa.  The interview is about halfway through […]


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