I Tell Them I’m an Atheist

People tell me I look like Jesus.

So, naturally, when Heads Up decided to do Corpus Christi everyone thought I would be playing the Christ figure.

I’m a dead-ringer. It’s a no-brainer.

Where is everyone’s sense of imagination?

People tell me I look like Jesus.

No. Like how they think Jesus looked. Or how they were told Jesus looked. My appearance is NOT an homage. Or even a parody. Why does everyone get so caught up in Christian iconography?

I keep my hair long because it’s easier to cut it to fit a role than it is to grow. I wear a beard for the same reason.

Images of Christ are more prolific than his message. Christian identifiers are mass-marketed like mad. Hands clasped in prayer, crosses, crowns, bread, wine, stigmata, WWJD bracelets, purity rings, ashy foreheads, and fish bumper stickers abound. They are false idols, all. Christianity has been co-opted by commercialism. With Corpus Christi, we will take it back.

Do not bow to anyone else’s image of your Christ. Mine your own meaning from your holy books. Go beyond the symbols. Find the source. Find the truth. The Bible is so much bigger than the pages it was printed on.

People tell me I look like Jesus.

I should get a haircut.

-Tyler Hodges
Business Manager
Corpus Christi Ensemble Member


  1. Kim Woodworth says:

    Not everyone thought you should play Jesus based solely on ‘the image’. It’s neat the way things turned out.

  2. Amy Spencer says:

    Preach it, brother.

    After reading and appreciating your chastisement of mass-market christian identifiers, I found it hilarious (or otherwise ironic) that the google ad that popped up based on key words in your blog was for “BOLD CHRISTIAN CLOTHING,” and more specifically the “Not Of This World” christian clothing brand that’s “all about jesus.” It’s as if the ad sited itself as a reference to further prove your point.

  3. Cultfinder777 says:

    I Tell them I’m a Douche

    So, naturally, I fit right in with the Heads Up cultists. Everyone thought I would be playing a feminine hygiene product.

    I’m a dead ringer.

    People tell me I look like a feminine hygiene product.

    They think I look that way, but do they really know me? Do they know me as a man? I try to write on here in esoteric-like parables, so I can sound and look cool for all the lucky ladies out there.

    I keep my hair long because it’s too expensive to get a haircut. I don’t shave my beard cause it makes me look “hip”. I use catch phrases like “commercialism”, and “iconography” to appeal to our all-liberal demographic.

    Yeah, people tell me I look like a feminine hygiene product.

    Come see Corpus Christi and all you lucky female audience members get a douching.


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