For the People’s Sake

One may ask why I am doing Corpus Christi.  The answer is simple– I was asked.

However, that is only one reason as I am not oblivious to the obvious motivation for why a show like this was written. I have read and listened to a lot of political shit that is setting a false dichotomy for many youths, both Gay and Christian.  Being an outsider in both categories (in the sense that the latter- Christianity- is a former), the same views are not limited to politics but are articulated in churches around the country.

One can believe Jesus is the Son of a Living God, agree with his socialist ideas and policy on pacifism, but must also deal with the fact that biblical authors saw fit to dictate the laws of the universe and nature, including what people should and should not do. Unfortunately this included gay sex (which is a real downer for gay people.)

I have found that humans are not perfect, nor are their ideas, and I am confident that the holy books of our world were written by men who were influenced by their own ideas. That is not to demean the value of the Bible by questioning its credit, its accuracy in defining morality or its ability to give meaning in people’s lives.

However, once science contradicts the laws set forth by authors who thought they knew better, reasonable people consider the possibility that they or their beliefs may be in error. Some have and, in response, have changed. This system of change as a result of evaluating one’s own beliefs (holding even the most scared doctrines and laws under strict scrutiny) continues our ability to improve as humans. Yes, “improve.”  You can improve the Bible. Or I can say that you can because I don’t hold the lessons in it to be perfect, especially not for all people, in all places, in all circumstance and context.

Why was homosexuality condemned in the first place?

Every answer I get spawns more critical questions that undermine the ideas that condemned it. I’m sure many reading this have a variety of answers: “its sin” or “homosexuality is not part of God’s design.” And yet such statements lead to more questions that, in every instance in which I have undertaken, have resulted in the destruction of God’s moral integrity.

The more we learn about people, the world and the way the universe functions, the more power we gain. But wisdom is only gained through our relationships with each other.

We need this show to expand on the relationship between homosexuality and Christianity, heterosexual Christians and homosexual Christians, and Christian homosexuals and non-Christian homosexuals if not for anything but for the betterment of religion and the people who are a part of it.

-Christopher Laney
Corpus Christi Ensemble Member



  1. What I just read I think is fantastic. I think is great. However personally although I agree w/the sentiment it makes me angrier @ the destruction christian “apologists” have laid forth for centuries. I am weary of your “new” discovery carefully bolted down within the confines of the complete crap which came before. To me it is nothing more than a desperate attempt by a desperate faith stretching and flexing itself to keep from dying like everything that came before them. I find the desperation sick. I find the behavior normal…expected. Proof of no need of the destructive shite that came before. I feel old school christians are writhing and frightened. They are a dying breed. I have no problem w/the teachings of christ. I have problems w/the man made fake-mechanations x-stianity wants to become so it doesn’t die.


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