Baby’s First Hate Mail

I woke to find an email in my inbox.

It was about our production of Corpus Christi. It was unsigned.

Below is the letter – unedited.



A lot of bold people go straight to Hell. You put this up everyday to provoke controversy. You already know that the Bible speaks against practicing homosexuality. The main word practicing.

Romans 3
All have sinned and come short of the glory of GOD.  [All] are justified and made upright  and in right standing with God, freely and gratuitously by His grace (His unmerited favor and mercy), through the redemption which is [provided] in Christ Jesus,Whom God put forward [before the eyes of all] as a mercy seat  and propitiation by His blood [the cleansing and life-giving sacrifice of atonement and reconciliation, to be received] through faith. This was to show God’s righteousness, because in His divine forbearance He had passed over and ignored former sins without punishment.  It was to demonstrate and prove at the present time (in the now season) that He Himself is righteous and that He justifies and accepts as righteous him who has [true] faith in Jesus.

GOD will forgive your sins, if you have faith in him and turn from your wicked ways.

GOD will not be mocked!!!!
You keep mocking by constantly posting your email everyday.

Do you think that GOD does not  know what you are doing with your bold self.

You make fun of him everyday in your post.

Stop the play and turn from your evil ways.

You want to go to Hell, but stop trying to bring others with you by lying to them. You lie by teaching them that homosexuality is right.

Be man or woman enough to say, that you want to go against GOD and suffer the consequences of being separted from GOD.

If you want to be separated from GOD for eternity, that is your chose. When you try and pull others down with you, you become like satan. You have chosen satan to worship and not the true and living GOD. Only a satanic church would teach against JESUS The CHRIST!

At least love other people enough to try and keep them from the Hell that you will go to, if you don’t turn from your evil acts of homosexuality.

As long as you are still alive, you can repent!

Stop teaching this abomination!!!!

Turn from practicing evil while you still have a chance and turn to GOD.

Tommorrow is not promised to anyone. Choose this day whom you will serve!!!

Choose where you spend eternity.

It is up to you. You can choose GOD or the lake of fire. In the lake of fire you will be tormented and separated from GOD forever.

Don’t  tell GOD that you never heard the truth.

GOD loves you, but if you keep rejecting him— he will let you have your way—straight to Hell.



  1. I would just like to state that while I do not agree with this play at all, this email does not show Christ’s love. While this person is stating things that are true, that Christianity is opposed to homosexual acts and participating in those acts is grave sin and dying in a state of grave sin will separate you from God for eternity, we are called as Christian to LOVE, not to judge. Please do not view this as a ‘Christian’ response. Also know that it hurts my heart that you would take on such a play that purposefully misrepresents Jesus, no matter what the point you are trying to make.

  2. I really wonder, with all of that passion, why this person did not have the guts to sign their email.?

  3. Romans 2

    1 You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.

    To the writer of this bigotry, walk softly upon this world and focus your thoughts inward, for there lies your salvation.

  4. Can we edit it for grammar and send it back?
    What I have learned from this letter:
    1) GOD gets all the capitals; satan gets none.
    2) No one can view media and make an objective decision. Simply by producing this play, you’ve apparently forced thousands of people to turn from heterosexuality.

    @EMK They didn’t sign it because that would be bold, and a lot of bold people go straight to Hell. This way, Jesus The Christ won’t notice.

  5. Christopher Laney says:

    Your calling us bold is one thing, but to imply us as selfish is utter shit. Many In this cast are risking a lot just to perform this play, myself included. They risk friendships, relations with parents and family, how others will precieve them, church figures who for some have been a major part of their lives. We are sacrificing and risking a lot to say what we think is right and it’s not that Jesus was gay, I don’t know and I don’t care if he was or not. To me this play is about the people its addressing.

    It seems to me that your idea of love is twisted. A Love that is conditional. A love that is meant to serve the self. A love that is selfish and destroys and takes action to inflict the worse kind of torment on those who scorn it. To me love needs to be about serving the best needs of others.

  6. This hate mail is ridiculous. Homosexuality is not spoken against in the Bible. It is modern interpretations that have put that sin in the Bible. Hell is neither Biblical, nor is Satan, and neither exist.

    Leaving all of that aside. If homosexuality were actually a sin, then it would be no different from any other sin. Any homosexual has as many rights to the Kingdom as any other sinner. God offers His forgiveness to all of his children, including those who perform plays such as this.

    E-mails like this oppose the very purpose of Jesus’ life. Jesus did not judge. He loved. He educated. He accepted. This person is not behaving in a Christ-like manner and instead is behaving just exactly as the “sinners” whom he judges.


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