And God Said, “Be Fruitful and Multiply”

Got more hate mail today.


From: no name needed God knows

Sure hoping that we get to be in the audience, and I believe we will be, at the judgment seat of Christ… seeing how God likes all of your promoting this… I’ll give you a heads up.. He isn’t going to. Be ye seperate…. remember ? Sin ? Does that ring a bell ? You are all sadly in big trouble. Won’t be too terribly long until we’ll all be there ~ each and every single one of us. So disappointing, but another sign that the Lord is about to take control back from the devil… keep it up !!! It’s all good ~


From: God’s child
Phone: 330 666 9666


  1. Too bad “the devil” doesn’t exist, either in reality or in the Bible.

  2. I hate crazy religious people. They’re so annoying that they aren’t even funny. This particular person sounds threatening though. Just FYI.

  3. This person sounds like a smug, garden variety of Christian troll who probably attends a crazy hole-in-the-wall fundie church and can barely think for him/herself. Salt and laying beer traps are effective ways of getting rid of them.

  4. Kim Woodworth says:

    I love you, ‘God’s Child’.


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