Blasphemy is as Blasphemy Does

So… We’re going to be protested.


Our Lord Jesus Christ to be mocked on Good Friday by the blasphemous homosexual play Corpus Christi.

Please join America Needs Fatima in protesting the blasphemous play Corpus Christi that is scheduled for Good Friday, April 22, at the First Grace United Church of Christ in Akron, Ohio. The theater play Corpus Christi is not to be confused with Corpus Christie the Movie, which is a hoax.

According to the press reports, Corpus Christi includes a Christ-like figure that has homosexual relations with his apostles! Besides, the play uses Gospel passages in a contrived way. The New York Post, for example, reported:

‘”Art Thou King of the queers?’ McNally’s Pontius Pilate character asks. ‘Thou sayest,’ Joshua answers.”

You now have a unique chance to defend Jesus’ honor by peacefully, but loudly raising your voice against this blasphemy.

CLICK HERE to send your protest message.

We protest – as we always do – in a totally peaceful and prayerful way. Also, please pass on this protest message to your friends and family.

And, above all, pray and offer sacrifice to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in reparation for this blasphemy.

CLICK HERE to read and pray your prayer of reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

First Grace United Church of Christ
350 South Portage Path
Akron, OH 44320-2397
Call in protests to (330) 762-8469

America Needs Fatima


  1. Christopher Laney says:

    We now have one more thing in common with Jesus.


  2. Amy Spencer says:

    I think it’s interesting that they think they need to defend Jesus’ honor. It makes as much sense to me as trying to defend God’s honor: the Creator of the universe needs Her creations to plead Her case? THAT sounds like blasphemy to me.

    I agree, Chris.
    I think we’re all a little closer to Jesus, now.

  3. This is why people nowadays HATE christianity… Its all these religious right, self-righteous types whose real message is “if your not one of us your not welcome” and they bastardize the real message of Jesus… All they are doing is spreading their own message of hate and intolerance in Jesus’ name

  4. Nici Romo says:

    Hey at least she may have read the script..haha tell em we will add some seats for them so they can at least see it live.

  5. Everything we do is seen by God. Every evil and every good. The Lord Jesus is the mediator between us and God. Do we really believe the Lord Jesus when He tells us to love one another as He loves us? Whether we agree with one another is irrelevant, only if we are doing His will is the only thing that matters. Is it the will of God that His only Son Jesus, continue to be mocked? Why does it bother Christians that this be shown? This depiction of Christ and His followers as being homosexual disturbs the soul because it is wrong. Christ was being murdered by an angry mob not because He was a homosexual, it was because He claimed to be God. Depicting God as a homosexual, heterosexual, playboy, alcoholic, or anything else that He did not come to be is evil. There is hell, there is heaven. God has His only Son seated at His right in His kingdom of Heaven watching us, loving us and how we respond to evil and one another. If we choose to act for evil rather than God we will suffer the consequence now and for eternity. Choose good, choose God and live the eternal life with Him. Put down evil and hate put on Truth. Focus on the holy Spirit and He will guide us through this world to the eternal world. Stop the shock treatment method to the heart of ungodly ideology and just love Jesus for the suffering He already endured for you. Jesus is God and He died for YOU!

    • sharon pritt says:

      i think i have had enough people trying to scare me into some nonsense for one lifetime. me and God we’re tight, told me that this play is righteous and it’s good for us all to think, cause all that wasted space up there makes God cry. we are all the same. there is no alcoholic or drug addict, or we all are. separation is an illusion. i’m gonna just say it, believing we are separate is a SIN!


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