A Woman of My Word

The process of The Pillowman is different than anything I’ve ever experienced.  We’ll read through a scene, discover our character’s objective and perform it unmemorized—striving only to achieve that objective at all costs.  Then we’ll reread through the scene, add in points we have to hit and perform the scene again.  We do this until the scene takes on the structure of the text.  If the action doesn’t work, there is no way we could place beautifully worded text on top of it—it’d just be a terrific line of bullshit. Working in this way, the scenes are in our bodies and the text can come truthfully from the action.  Whatever that truth may be.

Every character in this play has a different truth– full of contradictions, shifts and transformations.  Detective Tupolski is after a truthful confession but this ‘truth’ is rooted in the restrictions of a totalitarian state.  A truth that will keep the state running efficiently. A truth that might change for Tupolski when she leaves the interrogation room.

With Pillowman, I’m exploring my idea of truth and how I act when that idea is constantly changing.  As I strip away the things that aren’t an essential part of me, things that are holding me back from my true self, I’m finding more frequently that lies are true and truths are lies.  Truth and lie blend from moment to moment with Katurian, Michal, Tupolski and Ariel and within Katurian’s stories.

Before working on this play, I had a much more rigid perception of these concepts.  I’m accepting more and more that I don’t necessarily know anything about lying or telling the truth as they continuously change within me, within others and between us.  It is important to be open to these changes.

Katurian’s stories go against the black/white concept to which we can all be guilty of clinging.  The storyteller will define the truth of his story and the audience will define it in others ways.  What’s the truth?  Who’s ‘right?’ Who’s ‘wrong?’

But, hang on, what are you doing taking my word for anything?

-Kim Woodworth
Company Member



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