Episode 2: Amy VS Godzilla

Hosts Benjamin Rexroad and TJ Jozsa interview company member Amy Spencer.

“If you can make it in Akron, you can make it anywhere.  Because in Akron, they just try to beat you down.”

  • Amy has only been around for 6 months
  • Amy’s start in Theatre Arts
  • How to get free tuition to Ohio University
  • Michael Page directs Hair (Should we know Michael Page?)
  • Amy goes to Japan after answering an ad on Craigslist
  • Things in Super Mario Bros are actually real
  • Amy comes back to America to tell stories
  • Japan is to Christmas as America is to Valentine’s Day
  • Amy has friends…in places
  • “It’s easy to go where things are happening, but why not develop something where there is nothing?”
  • Amy is broke, jobless and behind in rent.  Please help!
  • What is community support for the arts?  Friends and family giving us money?
  • Hippie Rant:  We give you free art + you give us free apples = No need for money!
  • NeOhioPal:  a GREAT resource for artists.  Check out www.fredsternfeld.com
  • The strangest/best audition ever.
  • Heads Up:  A company that cares about people and real things.
  • Amy plays anti-Amy and has a “moment.”
  • Actors get in their own way.
  • “If you’re not being completely honest with your partner, you’re doing them a disservice.”
  • Ben is a director who never knows what he’s doing.
  • Amy is working on a comic book:  www.super-peers.com
  • Upcoming Show: Summer Series– June 17th at The Market Path at 6pm (Bring $5 so we can eat!)
  • Upcoming Show: The Pillowman– July 7, 8, 9 and 10
  • Donate!
  • We are now on itunes!  Search “Heads Up Arts Radio” in the itunes store.
  • Theme Song by Amy Spencer and Sharon Pritt


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