Episode 4: Sharon Possibly

Host Amy Spencer interviews company member Sharon Pritt

“We are the good strangers.”

  • Sharon hates being the center of attention!
  • Amy doesn’t want the audience to get confused.  (She’s the one asking the questions.)
  • Sharon starts making art before she can talk.
  • Face contortions are important to Sharon.
  • So were her art teachers.
  • Sharon’s musical influences are Queen, Kate Bush and “flamboyant” music.
  • Stream of consciousness music.
  • Sharon is a plagiarist of the musical world.
  • The people listening probably don’t remember “mom.”
  • Trying to find Sharon playing music is like a game of hide and seek.
  • “Agree to things you would never, ever agree to.”
  • Sharon plays “Geographical Solutions” live on the show!
  • Sharon wants to live out of a backpack and get really, really stinky.
  • There’s a magnetic vortex that keeps people in Akron­– which is why Sharon is still here.
  • (Or it may be Heads Up.)
  • Heads Up is about learning how to play, work in a group and a bunch of other cool things.
  • Acting & Activism.
  • Body techno interruption!
  • Maybe the “leader” is just the “instigator.”
  • Look up “Sharon Possibly” on Facebook or email her at deliriousillumination@gmail.com
  • Upcoming Show: Summer Series July 15th at The Market Path at 6pm (Bring $5 so we can eat!)
  • Upcoming Show: The Pillowman
  • Upcoming Show:  PNR fundraiser on July 16th.  $5 at the Quirk Cultural Center in Cuyahoga Falls.
  • Theme Song by Amy Spencer and Sharon Pritt


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