Episode 5: Jill the Artist and Child-Whisperer

Hosts Amy Spencer and Sharon Pritt interview artist/child-whisperer Jill Schumann

“As an artist, it’s your job to push it…”

  • Jill currently lives in the Bible Belt: hasn’t found the right church yet
  • Art has always been in her life
  • As a child, Jill created her own worlds… and buffalo thighs
  • Her mom supported her wildness growing up
  • Her teachers did not
  • Graffiti: the most freeing medium
  • Jill’s view: all graffiti is art, even if she doesn’t agree with it
  • Akron: it’s important to find the good weirdos, versus the creepy ones
  • The blank walls need to be filled
  • Jill struggles with supporting concepts like personal property, money, and owning land: Graffiti is a means of fighting back
  • Train yard at night + paint + boys = romance… but crossing tracks over a bridge = fear
  • Feminism from an early age: no pink vacuum cleaners for little Jill
  • Kent State’s professor Carrie and the magical world of performance art
  • Friendly Walmart zombies
  • Performance art is living art
  • And she lives art with the kids she works with
  • Student teaching: the penis incident (“If you’re gonna do a penis, at least do it right.”)
  • Jill wants to reach out and make a difference without being a slave to the public school system (which is still using the same system as the Reagan era)
  • Baby’s first graffiti: Fighting the prison of coloring books and building their own world
  • Jill’s starting dreamy, experimental photography projects in Nashville
  • Influential artists: Banksy (Exit Through the Gift Shop), Basquiat, and Sophie Calle
  • The latter of which explores voyeurism to the extreme
  • Breaching privacy: where’s the line? As artists, is it our job to push the line further? Questions!
  • If you’re offended by Jill’s art, she’s not sorry
  • Stalk Jill on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jtothabean
  • Upcoming Show: Summer Series July 15th at The Market Path at 6pm (Bring $5 so we can eat!)
  • Upcoming Show: The Pillowman August 4-7. Tickets are $5. You can’t beat that price for theater this good.
  • Upcoming Show:  PNR fundraiser on July 16th.  $5 at the Quirk Cultural Center in Cuyahoga Falls.
  • Donate!
  • We are now on itunes!  Search “Heads Up Arts Radio” in the itunes store.  Subscribe!
  • Theme Song by Amy Spencer and Sharon Pritt


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