Good V.S. The Pillowman

There is one particular question I find myself struggling with– no matter what I think I know or what conclusions I have drawn– it always comes back.

Is anyone a truly good person?

When someone does something good, it is rarely a selfless act.   Broken down, it is for their own personal gain– they wish to be approved by colleagues, parents or friends. If it isn’t for one’s reputation, then it is for the sheer satisfaction of knowing you did something positive, which leads to feelings of self-importance.

This is only a part of what makes The Pillowman such an interesting and challenging play for our company.

As a company, we have to trust ourselves and each other enough to go to a very dark, complicated and restless place. A place every person is capable of going, a place that makes most people uncomfortable. But most importantly, a place where most people are lucky enough to hear a voice that keeps us from losing ourselves. The voice we grow to know as our conscience.

I challenge every audience member to think about what it means to be good and do good because this play goes to such a twisted place that you will find the voice of yours arguing as you laugh, squirm and cry.

-Antonia Villalon
Company Member


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