A Family Within a Family

A family is there for each other. A family tells each other the truth even if it is hard to hear. A family listens to each other. A family communicates in an honest, healthy way in order to avoid the unnecessary moments of hurt and to enjoy the often-missed moments of happiness. A family creates a reality, whether good or bad, in a world of so many beings sharing space and time.

I am a part of two families that I consider the same yet completely different.

At the heart of The Pillowman lies a dysfunctional family– whether it is Ariel’s relationship with her father, Katurian’s relationship with his brother or the relationship between the little girl with the applemen and her father.  All of these characters represent one family of which I am a part.

The second family is made up of the same physical beings but not quite the same mental ones. This is the family creating The Pillowman. We are a much better example of a functional family. We help each other, give feedback and keep comments to ourselves when it is important for someone to make their own discoveries.

Recently, I discovered what it means to be performing at my fullest potential.  This is something I achieved one day during Suzuki training. Although I found a moment of praise, I lost it the moment I realized I had found it. I need to focus on retaining that moment and building on it. I must grow, not destroy. The challenge comes from working within myself and attempting to break barriers I have made. These barriers are habits I have created.

Rehearsal is a word I use to describe the process of working to find something deeper than what is easily within our grasp. Through rehearsal one can achieve truth and create reality within fiction. The Pillowman continues to be a wonderful opportunity to work as an artist and to learn, teach and create through rehearsal. The production itself is almost ready to explode and I have full confidence you will laugh, cry, and have your breath taken away.

-Rosilyn Jentner
Company Member


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