Episode 7: Goodbye Ohio – Hello Scott

Hosts Amy Spencer and Sharon Pritt interview Musician Extraordinaire Scott Hartlaub

“Don’t let the alcohol trump the music.”

  • Scott’s unique voice didn’t do him any favors when he was growing up (and neither did Catholic School)
  • The University of Akron accepted Scott into the music program despite his inability to read music
  • He dropped it two weeks later so that he could do music of his choosing
  • Amidst the chaos of parties in Highland Square, Scott was the one in the corner focused on music and oblivious to all else
  • Scott went back to school but dropped out again once he started touring with Jessica Lea Mayfield’s band
  • His parents were supportive, but his mom was against anything his dad was for
  • As a child he wanted to play drums but unwillingly took piano lessons: someone had to play the piano his mom inherited
  • However, his first instrument was the guitar when he was seven
  • Today, guitar and banjo are his favorite toys to play with
  • The bands of Scott: “Head for the Hills,” “Goodbye Ohio,” “Beast” (known for its former vocalist who could emulate the sound of a legion of screaming children), “The Walkies,” and Jessica Lea Mayfield (classified as “folk-rock”)
  • Scott tells us about his musical influences and the evolution of his music-writing and genre-creating
  • His band’s touring recently took him outside the States (Toronto, Belgium, Paris, London, Berlin…)
  • We Ohioan audiences could learn a thing or two from European audiences about hospitality
  • New Orleans, Amsterdam, and San Francisco are amazing places to play
  • Words of advice to aspiring artists: 1) Don’t listen to your parents, and 2) meet people; network
  • Dear Akron musicians: have places other than bars for musicians/bands to play; don’t let the alcohol trump the music
  • Heads Up’s ideal home would be in a space where different artists could join as a community and support one another (We’re still on the look out: If you have any ideas or are interested in sharing a future space with us, please e-mail info@headsupproductions.net)
  • The Land of David Letterman
  • You can check out their TV debut on Jessica Mayfield’s myspace page or on Youtube: Scott’s on drums!
  • Weirdos do exist, they should exist, and they’re everywhere
  • Prog-rock with a banjo can never happen… can it?
  • How to stalk Scott: e-mail him at battlesnack@gmail.com or check out his music on myspace
  • Saturday’s PNR benefit for Heads Up went well (audio clip)
  • if there are benefits or charities you’d like PNR to perform at, please contact them through their website or facebook page
  • Heads Up’s Summer Series’ July Freak Show performs again this Friday at 6pm in Highland Square (audio clip)
  • Upcoming Full-Length Play: The Pillowman August 4-7. Tickets are $5. You can’t beat the price for theater this good.
  • Keep an eye out on the main page for the upcoming behind-the-scenes video blog featuring a scene from the show and interviews with the cast
  • Donate!
  • We are now on iTunes: Search “Heads Up Arts Radio” in the iTunes store. Subscribe!
  • Theme Song by Amy Spencer and Sharon Pritt


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