Episode 8: A Myriad of Kevin Via Klemm

Hosts TJ Jozsa and Benjamin Rexroad interview local musician Kevin Klemm

“The best moments are created during a performance.”

  • Kevin teaches piano, drums, and voice
  • He started Good Vibrations Music School which teaches in-home music lessons
  • Ben may or may not have a heartbeat, which may or may not determine whether he can learn to play drums
  • Every student’s different: a good teacher learns how to adjust
  • A brief demonstration of “strict teacher” voices… and silences
  • If you are one of Kevin’s students, you would be in a rock band for your recital
  • Maid Myriad, one of his bands, releases its next album in the summer of Jannebruary
  • (Heads Up’s The Pillowman performs in Julaugust)
  • The album will be a conceptual, organic album
  • Via Lotus, Kevin’s other band, is the sister band of Maid Myriad: it also produces organic material
  • Upcoming show at Canton’s fantastic First Friday (free!) August 5th
  • Also August 9th at the Grog Shop, Via Lotus Company of Thieves
  • “My Own Worst Enemy” by Via Lotus from their Album, Secrets
  • Check out the bands’ sites: Maid Myriad and Via Lotus
  • Or find them on facebook (Maid Myriad/Via Lotus) and like them! (And please like Heads Up Productions, too)
  • And Good Vibrations Music School on Facebook
  • Reach Kevin Klemm for lessons at 330-858-7459
  • The Epic Story of How Ben and TJ Met Kevin: Broken Glass and Pooping Squirrels
  • Reflecting on Dog Sees God and the people connections therein
  • Overcoming the obstacles and being in the moment
  • How can you improvise during your virtuoso masterpiece/performance?
  • No performance is the same, even if its a recording
  • The composer and a player’s interpretation
  • How to compose for instruments you don’t play
  • Evolution of musical instruments
  • The Official location for The Pillowman and Mr. Marmalade performances will be the University of Akron’s Daum Theatre in Kolbe Hall
  • The Pillowman‘s performances are worth seeing multiple times to see all the character’s stories and layers
  • One more Summer Series! August 12th, 6pm in Highland Square: It’s free and it’s family friendly
  • Mr. Marmalade is August 18-21
  • Theme song by Amy Spencer and Sharon Pritt


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