Episode 9: Humor Me

Hosts TJ Josza and Benjamin Rexroad interview comedian Ray DeVito

“Ride the wave that’s given to you.”

  • Ray is one of the youngest– scratch that– most requested touring comedians in the country
  • Ben and TJ met Ray at The Funny Stop and then again during the “Keith and the Girl” show
  • Check out Ray’s website (http://www.raydevito.net)
  • A little heart-to-heart about Ohio’s sports teams
  • How Ray got started in stand-up comedy (and did not continue with improv)
  • Stand-up comedy is a one-minute contract job
  • Saca Puntas in NYC
  • Bowery Poetry Club (stand-up comedy the first Wednesday of every month)
  • Performers with low self-esteem
  • How long before you just let the bad jokes die?
  • Ray’s inspiration: whatever comes to him
  • “Spotted Owl”: a clip from Ray’s live stand-up album 1647 Waterbury, available on iTunes
  • Twitter-pated (follow @raydevito)
  • Adjusting the Idea Set-list
  • Ray’s purpose in life: to make the top-ten on the karma charts (and to make people laugh)
  • Defining “making it”
  • And what’s up with space travel?
  • The Artistic Wonders of Akron
  • Show at The Winchester Music Hall in Lakewood, Ohio: Saturday, July 30
  • Another show in Sharon, PA, Saturday, August 6 at Funny Farm
  • The Pillowman August 4-7: Daum Theatre, Kolbe Hall, University of Akron
  • Final Summer Series coming in August


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