Episode 10: The Makings of a One-Man Show

Hosts TJ Jozsa and Benjamin Rexroad interview playwright/actor Terence Cranendonk

“There are no recipes.”

  • Terry did work sessions with Grotowski in 1984
  • He was not one of the Chosen Ones, so he chose himself: persistence
  • Studying theater at Yale
  • And just missing studying under some of the bigger names of theatrical history
  • After leaving the Grotowski session, Terry put the work away for a while
  • Studying privately under Ryszard Cieslak (after fabricating a space and nine other students): more persistence
  • The elements of Terrence’s training/work with fourteen others
    – Plastiques
    – Scene study (parts they always wanted to play)
    – Vocal work
    – Stanislavsky (physical action)
  • Terry’s one-man show “I Dreamed of Rats”: Inspector General as a solo piece in 45 minutes with lots of props
  • Some lone rehearsals included silent improvisations
  • In creating the show, he circled everything that made him laugh aloud
  • The first public performance was fourteen years ago
  • He is continually revising it today
  • In his precision, Terry even scores his thoughts
  • Never hold onto an association: hold onto what you’re doing
  • Sloviak’s Four Corners: outside, in freezing rain, on slippery platforms
  • He worked with New World Performance Lab for seven years
  • Performing in living rooms everywhere (The “Where We Live” Series)
  • Performance Plug! Saturday August 20th, 8:00 1057 Gent Road, Akron, OH
  • (330)664-0623 (space is limited: call for reservations)
  • And please donate to his cause: e-mail him at terry@dogoodog.com
  • Heads Up’s production of The Pillowman runs tomorrow, August 4 through Sunday August 7: Daum Theatre, Kolbe Hall, University of Akron
  • We are now on iTunes: Search “Heads Up Arts Radio” in the iTunes store and subscribe!
  • Theme Song by Amy Spencer and Sharon Pritt


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