Episode 11: Canton Film Festival

Hosts Brian Jackson and Amy Spencer interview James Waters, director of the Canton Film Festival 2011

“Just keep shooting.”

  • Categorically defining the film festival (submissions are due September 1st!)
  • Special guests directors coming in that Friday night
  • Zombie contest!
  • Formerly known as “International”: keeping it local for the Little Guy
  • What it means to direct a film festival
  • Film festivals need support, too: sponsors/donators are GREATLY appreciated
  • The green genre
  • Never where we want to be
  • “Redball”: when “Deliverance” meets paint-ball
  • Midwesterners getting hired on the west coast
  • Movie magic casting its spell on James
  • Indes versus Hollywood
  • The price of running a festival
  • How submissions are determined
  • Animated entries
  • Deciding the winners (please submit the fresh and new)
  • The fabulous prizes
  • Steps to making a successful piece: start by getting off your couch
  • The Canton Film Festival is  October 13-15: Get tickets now!
  • Weekend passes are $18 for all three days
  • E-mail our podcast at podcast@headsupproductions.net
  • The last Summer Series free street theater performance is Friday, August 26 in front of The Market Path in Highland Square
  • Heads Up will also be performing at Art in the Square September 3, and Pandemonium September 10
  • We are now on iTunes: Search “Heads Up Arts Radio” in the iTunes store and subscribe!
  • Theme Song by Amy Spencer and Sharon Pritt


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