Episode 12: The Benefits of Dolls

Hosts Tyler Hodges and Amy Spencer share their experiences teaching summer camp through a Weathervane Playhouse program

“…Give them the bare-bones with staging, and then they fill it in with craziness.”

  • An “interesting” day at work
  • Introducing the guests, Curt and Jenniver
  • The history of the benefit, players, and nature of the piece
  • When the band breaks into laughter
  • The shows that sell
  • Short runs; Great rewards
  • “Valley of the Dolls” (It’s not about dolls, and not suitable for children)
  • More than just staged readings
  • Happy(?) accidents
  • Running a two-man production company
  • Setting the talent loose
  • Genesis of costume auctions begins with taking off clothes
  • Audiences will be entertained, one way or another
  • “Valley of the Dolls” benefit performs August 22 in Cleveland at the Cassidy Theatre (call (216)621-0766, extension 232 for tickets [$25]) and August 29 in Akron at Weathervane Playhouse(call (330)836-2626 for tickets [$21])
  • Heads Up has one more Summer Series performance in front of the Market Path in Highland Square 6:00pm Friday, August 26: This is a FREE SHOW and is family friendly
  • We’ll also perform at Art in the Square
  • E-mail us at podcast@headsupproductions.net
  • We are now on iTunes: Search “Heads Up Arts Radio” in the iTunes store and subscribe!
  • Theme song by Sharon Pritt and Amy Spencer


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