Episode 13: The Shelter of Afflicted Pictures

Host Amy Spencer interviews writer/producer/director and co-founder of Afflicted Pictures Adam Caudill

“You kinda have to fail to know what you need to do to succeed.”

  • Wrion Bowling: the other half of the co-founding
  • Their feature-length movie, Shelter, will finish with post-production this Fall
  • Fifth attempt; planning the setup before the pitch
  • After Effects and rendering… and rendering
  • Genesis of Adam and Wrion
  • When your eyes are bigger than your wallets (and learning from that)
  • Shelter: you haven’t seen anything like this before
  • Fulfilling the needs of the audience while adhering to the rules of your production
  • The people you want to work with… again (cast and crew)
  • First-times for everyone
  • No weak links on set and off
  • Actors embodying their characters: words, beards, and all
  • Wearing many hats without wearing out
  • Tag-teaming the co-directing
  • Talking around special effects (no spoiler alert)
  • Chad Kean and Jinwei Zeng, the fabulous two-man camera team
  • Camera magic
  • Afflicted Pictures website
  • Please Like them on Facebook and check out their production photos/blog
  • Follow them on Twitter @shelter_movie
  • Good enough to make another movie
  • E-mail Adam and Wrion
  • Kickstarter: helping independent productions get financial support
  • The last summer series is this Friday, August 26: FREE street theater in front of the Market Path in Highland Square (Family Friendly)
  • Heads Up will also be at Art in the Square the following weekend, September 3
  • E-mail us at podcast@headsupproductions.net
  • We are now on iTunes: Search “Heads Up Arts Radio” in the iTunes store and subscribe!
  • Theme Song by Amy Spencer and Sharon Pritt


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