Episode 18: Recycled Rainbow All the way

HUAR’s first Skype interview: Host Amy Spencer and Northern Ohio’s official Burning Man regional contact, Every Man, discuss the upcoming Burn September 22-25

“The ‘vice principle’ is uncertainty: you can never expect any Burn to be the same.”

  • The origin of “Recycled Rainbow
  • How an arts festival outgrows its house
  • No schedules, no rules
  • The earlier you buy, the cheaper the tickets: GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! Tickets are $45 until September 19
  • Radical civic responsibility
  • Giving for the sake of giving: It’s not about money
  • The 5.5 principles & 2 rules: descriptive vs. prescriptive
  • Create your own city: Every Man’s contribution will be a theatre dance hall
  • Cleaning up during and after the Burn
  • No one gets paid (in fact Every Man bought his ticket earlier this week!)
  • What your (very inexpensive) ticket pays for
  • CALLING ALL MEDICS: Recycled Rainbow needs volunteers (who will be compensated as much as possible)
  • Check out the photo galleries from past Recycled Rainbows
  • Burning Man and children: parents must decide if this is for their children
  • Rangers are mediators, not law-enforcers
  • Earth Guardians, among others, will help protect against litter and litterers
  • Burning Man Survival Guide
  • Join other theme camps, help out, participate!
  • Cosmos: “Anything that is so large, fantastic and heavenly, that there’s no explanation…”
  • Everyone can contribute, so anyone can effect others’ experiences
  • Exposing youth to concepts like giving forward, self-expression, self-reliance, etc.
  • Kids dancing when everyone else is afraid to
  • The illumination of the grounds
  • Search “recycled rainbow” on youtube to see some Burn videos
  • Mutant Vehicles
  • Prices for gate sales (anytime after September 19) go up to $95, SO ORDER TICKETS NOW!
  • E-mail us at podcast@headsupproductions.net
  • We are on iTunes: Search “Heads Up Arts Radio” in the iTunes store and subscribe!
  • Theme Song by Amy Spencer and Sharon Pritt


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