Episode 20: On the Road, Episode 5

Hosts Benjamin Rexroad and TJ Jozsa take HUAR “on the road” and across America.  During the next 6 weeks, they will be uploading short podcasts chronicling their adventures.  Episodes may include interviews, musings and discussing life on the road.

“Six weeks on the road with somebody, living essentially out of your car, these things are going to happen.”

  • A big “on the road” fight
  • “You can drive and drive through Texas…”
  • A surprise visit in Lamar, Colorado (with sirens)
  • A detour of Denver
  • Laramie, Wyoming and its forgotten history
  • TJ is, in fact, sexist
  • Yellowstone National Park, geysers and a night hike (with a bear club)
  • A near accident
  • Sushi Yama = Sushi Yummy (the best Sushi we have ever had)


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