Episode 21: Super-Peering into the Future

Hosts Amy Spencer and Sharon Pritt interview Kurt Brown, creator and writer of the comic book Super-Peers

“With great power comes…irresponsibility.”

  • Speaking in waves and super babes
  • Origin stories
  • More interesting than a fight with Superman
  • A kid’s comic for adults
  • Everyone wants super powers
  • Time-travel can be tricky
  • Writing comics the Marvel way
  • The collaborators behind the Super-Peers comic
  • Alex Rivero’s bilingual Legends of My Land (Leyendas de Mi Tierra): Read it online or download the PDF
  • Go to www.super-peers.com and see a new page of the comic every week!
  • Super-Peers on Facebook (please Like it)
  • Decompression: the bane (or laziness) of storytelling
  • The audience you write for
  • Archetypes and the descendants of radiation
  • Themes within the comic
  • “…Radiation was great back in the ’50s…” (How superheroes get their powers)
  • Kurt’s favorite creators, superheroes, and lamer characters
  • Superman is from Cleveland
  • Continuity issues (Barack sells!)
  • Twitter Kurt Brown @kurttrukx
  • Or e-mail him!
  • Ben and TJ still on the road: check out their “On the Road” podcasts on the HUAR page
  • Please DONATE!
  • E-mail us at podcast@headsupproductions.net
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  • Theme Song by Amy Spencer and Sharon Pritt


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