Episode 26: On the Road, Episode 9

Hosts Benjamin Rexroad and TJ Jozsa take HUAR “on the road” and across America.  During the next 6 weeks, they will be uploading short podcasts chronicling their adventures.  Episodes may include interviews, musings and discussing life on the road.

“Benji, get the stick out the whale and c’mon.”

  • San Francisco:  The end of the continent
  • The Castro District
  • TJ dresses a provocatively at the Folsom Street Fair
  • Pho (It’s a soup.)
  • Advice:  Sneaking into the movies. (How to get free concessions.)
  • Advice:  Discuss your boundaries. (How to save a relationship.)
  • Shout out to fellow podcaster: Lex Wahl of Anything Ghost
  • TJ gets homesick
  • A tour of Santa Barbara including the wonderful restaurant Palapa
  • Different kinds of “On the Road” hosts
  • A lesson in gay history
  • TJ’s wishes for the world
  • A Further concert at Red Rocks in Colorado
  • Following in your hero’s footsteps


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