Episode 27: Occupy Akron

Hosts Benjamin Rexroad and TJ Jozsa discuss the growing Occupation.

“…Talk to each other.  THAT’S how you build a community.”

  • Heads Up Productions proudly supports this democratic movement.
  • We do not speak for the movement.  We only speak for ourselves.
  • A new direction for Heads Up Productions: Silent Dance Party (Heads Up’s Performance Art Piece at Occupy Akron)
  • “Pick up your trash,” a comment from an Anti-Occupier
  • Theatre artists create a new society every two months
  • “There’s beauty to this movement,” a comment from an Occupier
  • A protest, not a party
  • “No costumes,” a comment from Occupy Akron
  • Political theatre’s head honcho: Augusto Boal
  • Revolution?
  • The 1% doesn’t want to give up their power“If you can dream it, you can do it,” a comment from TJ
  • Maybe the Occupiers should test a new form of government?
  • “It will always be fun,” a comment from Benjamin
  • Go talk to your neighbor!
  • Theme song by Anonymous, watch the source video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzbTlY1uOJk
  • Occupy Akron contact info:


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