Episode 37: Big Box, Week 1: “The Dreamer” and “My Dear Boy”

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews Amy Compton and Tim Tavcar, guest artists in Cleveland Public Theatre’s Big Box Series.

  • Coming to you from CPT’s East Storefront performance space.
  • The Dreamer created by Amy Compton
    • Originally when conceiving the piece, it was about unrequited love
    • Singing, dancing and letters to Oprah Winfrey
    • Trees with no leaves = unrequited love
    • Something beautiful out of something awful
    • Why would I be so in love with someone who doesn’t really seem to notice me?
    • Amy’s background as an artist
    • It’s easier to play by yourself sometimes…
    • The one-woman rehearsal process
    • The hardest part of creating the show
    • Little boxes in the closest…
    • Syncronicity and Carl Jung
    • Where you can find Amy (You can’t):
  • My Dear Boy: Gay Love Letters Through the Ages adapted and directed by Tim Tavcar
    • Based on the book My Dear Boy: Gay Love Letters Through the Centuries edited by Rictor Norton
    • A series of staged letters that speak to people of all affectional preferences
    • A smaller version of this production was originally commissioned by a gay and lesbian community center in Vermont
    • Love chooses us…
    • A fact about ancient gay relationships
    • How the book was compiled
    • Tim’s history in Northeast Ohio and beyond…
    • Why it’s easy for Tim to break into acting and not directing
    • About Tim’s company: Wordstage

The Dreamer and My Dear Boy
January 5-7, 2012 @ 7 pm
Big Box Series
Cleveland Public Theatre
James Levin Stage
$10/Thurs • $15 Fri & Sat
216.631.2727 EXT. 501
6415 Detroit Ave • Cleveland, OH


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