Episode 41: Big Box, Week 4: “The Negro Perkins” and “The Art of Social Graces”

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews Lisa Louise Langford and Jennifer Sandoval, guest artists in Cleveland Public Theatre’s Big Box Series.

  • The Negro Perkins
    • Set in a “pest house” in 1898 in a fictional town in Georgia
    • What happens when you’re sitting somewhere where every corner is just potential gloom and doom?
    • The thrill of being a playwright
    • Lisa’s (thieving) approach to directing
    • Home rehearsals
    • InCogNegro– Lisa’s first Big Box show
    • “You must remember the chewed Doritos.”
    • A Swingers Club: Inspiration for a new play
    • Smallbox!  Swinging!  Negros! We’ve got it all!
    • Finding Actors… the challenges of self-producing
    • Come see the Negro Perkins!  How bad can it be?
    • A free MFA in playwrighting
    • The importance of African Americans in Lisa’s work
  • The Art of Social Graces
    • This dance piece explores modern society’s dependence on technology, etiquette and face-to-face interactions
    • Does where society is heading scare you?
    • A company offers “internet lockout” as a service
    • Text message dilemmas
    • From concept to rehearsal
    • Making contact with strangers
    • The importance of a handwritten letter
    • Society’s always in a rush
    • The Marquez Dance Project and collaboration
    • Which came first?  The movement or the music?
    • Compassion still exists…somewhere
    • Live performance is about human interaction
    • Raising awareness through art…
    • www.marquezdanceproject.com

The Negro Perkins and The Art of Social Graces
January 26-28, 2012 @ 7 pm
Big Box Series

Cleveland Public Theatre
James Levin Stage
$10/Thurs • $15 Fri & Sat
216.631.2727 EXT. 501
6415 Detroit Ave • Cleveland, OH


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