Episode 42: Big Box, Week 5: “The Berlioz Project”

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews Deborah Magid, creator of The Berlioz Project: a Multidisciplinary, Multimedia, Multi-venue Rock Opera

  • Based on Hector Berlioz’s masterwork Symphonie Fantastique: Scenes from the Life of an Artist
  • Symphonie Fantastique is known as the first “psychedelic symphony” and was the first symphony that told a story
  • Berlioz wrote the symphony to get a girl…
  • Opium becomes LSD in this modernized rock opera
  • The genesis of the idea (And it’s not an acid trip!)
  • Conceived as a collaboration with Verb Ballets
  • What EXACTLY is a multidisciplinary, multimedia, multi-venue rock opera?
  • The Berlioz Project’s 5-year plan
  • “Who is this insane person?” (Yeah, we’re talking about Deborah)
  • Frustrated about not getting cast in roles, Deborah took to the page and discovered a love for writing
  • Deborah’s artistic homes
  • How the audience received the 10-minute Leap/Conceive Berlioz preview
  • The wonderful thing(s) about CPT
  • And getting back to the topic at hand…a rundown of the characters
  • The Cow Tipping Dance
  • You have to leave some gaps for the audience to fill in
  • Berlioz’s mating song is from his prepubescent years
  • Berlioz, the original Beatle
  • Cleveland… really, theatre?
  • Go live somewhere else! …at least for a year
  • America watching, the newest Olympic sport
  • The website to hear the original music: http://imslp.org/wiki/Symphonie_fantastique,_H_48_(Berlioz,_Hector)
  • www.deborahmagid.com

The Berlioz Project
February 2-4, 2012 @ 7 pm
Big Box Series
Cleveland Public Theatre
James Levin Stage
$10/Thurs • $15 Fri & Sat

216.631.2727 EXT. 501
6415 Detroit Ave • Cleveland, OH


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