Episode 43: Big Box, Week 6: “Divorcing Batman, Dating all of Gotham City”

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews Melissa Barber, writer/actress for Divorcing Batman, Dating all of Gotham City. 

  • A solo performance based on one woman’s dating experience following her divorce from a certain costumed crusader
  • Progressive dating, online dating and blind dating…oh my!
  • So it really isn’t about Batman?
  • Good, solid criticism….is there any other kind?
  • The Three D’s – Divorce. Dating and Discovery
  • Wearing many hats:  the actor says yes, but the producer says no
  • To Fringe Festivals and Beyond (perhaps in Any City, USA)
  • Create your own opportunities
  • What is cabaret?
  • Just like Adam Sandler, Melissa is a wedding singer
  • The Living Room Circuit
  • Add a dash of imagination to that secret recipe
  • Men: See the show to learn how NOT to break up with women
  • “The title ought to intrigue you…”
  • www.melissabarber.net

Divorcing Batman, Dating all of Gotham City
February 9-11, 2012 @ 7 pm
Big Box Series
Cleveland Public Theatre
James Levin Stage
$10/Thurs • $15 Fri & Sat

216.631.2727 EXT. 501


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