Episode 44: Big Box, Week 7: “Chaos Theory”

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews Cat Kenney, writer for Chaos Theory.

  • The longest pre-interview interview ever (From Kierkegaard to drugs and back again)
  • Fractal science as a metaphor for theater
  • What the heck is a Mandelbrot set? YouTube it!
  • Cartoonist, teacher, world traveler…she even does her own stunts
  • Vampires should read more
  • Cat may or may not be a hit man
  • Stories within stories within stories within stories within…you get the point
  • Chaos Theory is, in fact, not digestible
  • The ephemeral nature of theatre relationships
  • The director of the piece is “ten kinds of brilliant covered in awesome sauce”
  • Cool nerds vs. chess club nerds
  • “The play is a puzzle.”
  • Sorry boys and girls but CPT will not be serving spaghetti this weekend
  • “Genius often tries to fly too close to the sun.”
  • Next step after Big Box: Send it to the guy sitting on the throne!

Chaos Theory
February 16-18, 2012 @ 7 pm
Big Box Series
Cleveland Public Theatre
James Levin Stage
$10/Thurs • $15 Fri & Sat

216.631.2727 EXT. 501
6415 Detroit Ave • Cleveland, OH


  1. rachel tschantz says:

    what is up with the infusion of music right in the middle of the i/view…I want to hear Cat not music!

    • Rachel,

      We listened to the interview. Didn’t hear music. Not really sure where in the interview you’re talking about. Could you please tell us where the music entered, we’d like to correct the problem, if possible? Also, what *player* did you listen to the podcast through– iTunes, the website, etc.?



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