Episode 45: Commedia dell’Akron

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews Wendy Duke, (Drama teacher at Miller South), who’s Commedia Troupe has teamed up with New World Performance Laboratory to host an afternoon of Commedia workshops on Saturday February 25th from 2 – 5pm at the Balch Street Theatre.

  • Commedia dell’Arte – a family form of theatre
  • Commedia is improvised, slap-stick comedy and yes, the word “comedy” is in fact related
  • “Lotsa Lazzi!”
  • I’d like to take Commedia for $200, Alex
  • If you were lucky you could sit at Leonard Pitt’s feet
  • Theatre of Sorts – Wendy’s theatre company
  • Commitment + Collaboration = You’re In!
  • “Actors have to stay in shape.”
  • There’s a Zanni in my tub!
  • Please put the paddle down and stop spanking your classmate
  • “Find the body that fits the mask.”
  • Ophelia the cat also wants to be interviewed on HUAR
  • Faction of Fools presents Hamlecchino: Clown Prince of Denmark
  • What plays well in Italy may not play well in France, unless you’re playing for Moliere
  • The Day of Commedia – Saturday February 25th
  • Commedia dell’Akron (Free fun for the whole family)

Commedia dell’Akron
February 25, 2012 from 2-5pm
Balch Street Theatre
(330) 867-3299
220 South Balch Street • Akron, OH, 44302


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