Episode 46: Rick Santorum’s Google Problem

Host Benjamin Rexroad discusses Big Box, politics, tribalism and more with special guest and ex-HUAR host TJ Jozsa

  • Heads Up actors as social scientists
  • It only took 17 takes to get this episode right
  • Big Box and Burning Man
  • Special shout out to…Benjamin Rexroad!?
  • You can thank Nici Romo when you see Benjamin running down the road naked
  • “You should have gotten your dang bobsled out!”
  • Benjamin is a poor, starving African…errr…Akron kid, so please DONATE
  • The Grand Old Party “sounds like an old white guy thing…”
  • Rick Santorum stands on the far, far, far, far right side
  • If Rick Santorum receives the Republican nomination – Benjamin’s jetting out of state
  • Santorum’s Google Problem
  • The fracturing of America
  • Northeast Ohio is the only sane part of this entire country
  • We are Americans not Individual-ans!
  • Actors as warriors
  • A culture of fear
  • It is debatable whether Benjamin is an idiot
  • The “Family” as a tribe
  • Who’s your Master?

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