Episode 47: Making Robyn Cooper Cry

Host Benjamin Rexroad talks about the school shooting at Chardon High School followed by an interview with improviser Robyn Cooper.

  • Recording on Leap Day – that extra day to tie up loose ends
  • The world is watching Northeast Ohio
  • Making Sense of School Shootings
  • Changes coming to headsupproductions.net and HUAR (Let us know what you think!)
  • Robyn Cooper – improviser, audio describer, stage manager, decoupager and…Benjamin’s Aunt!?
  • And You’re Ugly Too
  • A blog-off?
  • Benjamin had a stalker…
  • The Way Back Machine
  • He started hanging out at bathhouses
  • Point of No Return Improv
  • Make-out chicken with your cousin!?
  • Fred Savage has a podcast?
  • Dan Savage and the “It Gets Better” Campaign
  • Benjamin’s Goal: Make Robyn Cry
  • Benjamin has been making Robyn’s decisions for the past 10 years
  • Michael Pizza
  • What is it about Parma?
  • Improv Jam
  • Innovative Title and Escrow Services 
  • It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s improv!
  • Mutual Consent – A rule for improv and a rule for life!
  • Sounding like a broken record (It runs in the family)
  • Antebellum and Darwinii at CPT
  • Improv events around town

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