Episode 48: Awareness Through Movement

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews Terence Cranendonk, the only authorized Awareness Through Movement teacher in Akron.

“The ability to learn is infinite.”

  • Special thanks to our friend and supporter, Dennis
  • Bully and why it should come to Akron
  • Mark your calendars for May 7th
  • Do I hear a familiar voice? (HINT: Listen to HUAR Episode 10 – The Makings of a One Man Show )
  • I Dreamed of Rats…in Bogota, Columbia!?
  • Feldenkrais and Awareness Through Movement
  • “We’re never really completely at rest”
  • ATM vs. FI
  • Rotating on your…axis?
  • Humans are more adaptable than horses
  • Efficiency of movement
  • Functioning as a whole
  •  The more pleasurable, the more efficient
  • Feldenkrais – The physicist who wanted to cure an old futbol injury
  • The body is not a vehicle for the brain!
  • They’re doing it in Sweden, so why not here!?
  • From plastic brain to brain fitness
  • How do you objectively measure pain?
  • Building a foundation for higher functioning
  • The physical and vocal benefits of the Feldekrais Method for actors
  • The Untamed Actor: A Workshop in Feldenkrais Method® for Actors
  • The act of attention
  • Old habits don’t necessarily die hard
  • Beware of “never”
  • Terence teaches Saturday Morning Lessons! Interested? Call (330)780-1441
  • Saturday Afternoon Lessons at Lifesource Yoga
  • Via Lotus – “My Own Worst Enemy”

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