Episode 50: High “FiveOne Experimental Orchestra”

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews teacher, composer and President of FiveOne Experimental Orchestra, Dr. Michael Bratt.

“I’m always rooting to hear the best piece of music I’ve ever heard.”

  • The Versatility of a Modern Day Composer
  • FiveOne Experimental Orchestra – a Music Collective
  • The Perfect Combo: Blending contemporary art with popular music
  • Three ways to experience music: Write it, Create it, Perform It
  • Pandora Robertson and 13 Most American Dreams
  • Art Installations at The Sculpture Center
  • It’s not about the ego, it’s about the art
  • Collaboration as a teaching tool
  • In film you tend to work WITH or FOR a Director
  • Real art creates a dialogue by communicating clearly
  • Michael blows our minds – “What is noise!? What is music!?”
  • No major developments in music over the past 30 to 40 years
  • John Cage and Philip Glass are highly overrated (link)
  • Michael and his wife adopted twins from Ethiopia!
  • Like She Said, Everything’s Fine
  • FiveOne’s “freely improvised sound collages”
  • Fiveonemusic.org
  • “The more you study something that is artful, the more you get out of it.”
  • The shocking story of Sonic Cinema
  • Benjamin is directing the composer
  • The look but don’t touch aspect of music
  • Iconoclastic – Furthering the Principles of American Music
  • The Five-One Progression
  • Developing a personal relationship with the audience
  • Michael can see music!
  • College: The Modern Day Aristocracy
  • Alarmel Sound, So Percussion and the Public Library
  • Modern Day Composers as Craftsmen
  • Michaelbratt.com

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