Episode 51: Anatomy of a GenderQueer

This is the FIRST-EVER explict Heads Up Arts Radio. Not because we deem the material explicit, but because there are segments of the population who might be offended. And because some of the “surgery speak” might be a little yicky. (If you get grossed out by the plastic surgery shows on TV, you might want to skip over that portion. If you like that kind of stuff, listen on.)

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews recent high school graduate, up-and-coming artist and gender queer activist Wolfgang Davidson.

“I’ve always felt iffy about my body… Like the edges are kind of fuzzy.”

  • Wolfgang answers: “What is Art?”
  • Wolfgang discusses zir* art
  • Back to the beginning: Identification as a gay male
  • Degrassi: The Next Generation inspired Wolfgang’s coming out
  • A Father’s Love: “Go Gay! But Not You!”
  • Benjamin realizes he’s gay
  • Mother and Lady Gaga: “Some people are just born this way.”
  • Benjamin makes a gender pronoun faux pas
  • The transition from male to female
  • A modern day eunuch
  • Dear People– “This is what a male should look like. This is what a female should look like.” Love– Society
  • Some new vocabulary words
  • Bulimia
  • Portrayals in the “media”
  • How do you date?
  • A gay history lesson
  • Benjamin reminiscences about prom
  • How did Coventry get so liberal?
  • A special “In the Field” report about Don’t Name the Puppy
  • Female objectification
  •  What role were you?
  • Our binary society
  • A clip from Slate’s Lexicon Valley
  • MYOB!
  • Get better restrooms!
  • Some buffoonery
  • Gender Queer Role Models:
    Kate Bornstein
    Justin Vivan Bond
  • Friend Wolfgang on Facebook!
  • How does it affect your art?
  • A Poem!
  • Recommendations:
    Making Gay History
    by Eric Marcus
    Stone Butch Blues
    by Leslie Feinberg
    by Jeffrey Eugenides
  • The Heads Up Art Circus and Auction
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Rexroad

*Zir is a gender neutral pronoun.

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