Yesterday made me Proud to be an American

Election Results


Democrats– 51
Independent–  2
Republican– 45 (Lost 2 seats)

Marriage Equality:

  • Wisconsin– Tammy Baldwin elected as first openly gay US Senator (From a state that voted to ban gay marriage just 6 years ago)
  • Minnesota– Voted NO on constitutional amendment to define marriage as “1 Man, 1 Woman”
  • Maryland & Maine– Maine became the first state to approve same sex marriage by voter initiative
  • Washington– All votes are not counted, but it looks like it might be the 3rd state to vote YES on marriage equality


  • Colorado & Washington– YES to legalize recreational marijuana (Now we wait and see if the Feds will allow it)
  • Massachusetts– YES to medical marijuana

Corporate Spending:

  • Colorado and Montana– Voted to limit corporate contributions to elections, in direct challenge to Citizens United

Women’s Right:

  • Florida– Voted to defeat an amendment to state constitution to prohibit use of public funds for abortions


  • Sherrod Brown (D) defeated Josh Mandel (R)
  • Coventry School Levy– PASSED
  • Akron School Levy– PASSED
  • Cleveland School Levy– PASSED
  • Summit County Children Services Board– PASSED

-Benjamin Rexroad
Managing Artistic Director


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