Benjamin Rexroad
Managing Artistic Director

TJ Jozsa
Artistic Director


  1. mitch johanni says:

    I am interested in learning more about your theatre group. I live in Akron, have designed/built sets for many area schools, and may quite possibly be interested in donating time to a group such as yours. I work well with groups, am open to different ideas, and would be very interested in being attatched to a group like yours. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Mitch Johanni

  2. Mr. Jozsa and Mr. Rexroad,

    Mazel Tov!!! Congratulations!!! You guys are the truest “Americans” by
    exercising your First Amendment rights. It is the breaking of the ceiling, the
    pushing of the envelopes, and the smashing of icons that moves us forward,
    both artistically and culturally. We look forward to seeing your productions.

    Just a kind reminder – when you use the word ‘ensemble’ keep the first letter
    small as the incorporated name of our group is Ensemble Theatre of Cleveland.
    We like our name very much and hope you respect all the 31 years it took to get
    us here. Many thanks for your kindness.
    Check us out at our website – . . . . . . . . . cheers

  3. What I just read I think is fantastic. I think is great. However personally although I agree w/the sentiment it makes me angrier @ the destruction christian “apologists” have laid forth for centuries. I am weary of your “new” discovery carefully bolted down within the confines of the complete crap which came before. To me it is nothing more than a desperate attempt by a desperate faith stretching and flexing itself to keep from dying like everything that came before them. I find the desperation sick. I find the behavior normal…expected. Proof of no need of the destructive shite that came before. I feel old school christians are writhing and frightened. They are a dying breed. I have no problem w/the teachings of christ. I have problems w/the man made fake-mechanations x-stianity wants to become so it doesn’t die.


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