The Curious Case of Benjamin Rexroad

“Don’t get it twisted: Akron is a creative place. And any town with enough artistic juju in the ether to produce Chrissie Hynde, Devo and The Black Keys has got to be incubating the next generation of brash, up-and-coming artists right this very moment. Enter Heads Up Productions and its plucky managing artistic director, Benjamin […]

Episode 50: High “FiveOne Experimental Orchestra”

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews teacher, composer and President of FiveOne Experimental Orchestra, Dr. Michael Bratt. “I’m always rooting to hear the best piece of music I’ve ever heard.” The Versatility of a Modern Day Composer FiveOne Experimental Orchestra – a Music Collective The Perfect Combo: Blending contemporary art with popular music Three ways to experience […]

Episode 49: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Podcast

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews University of Akron student director, Dan Ward, about the upcoming production of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. “If no one stands up and takes charge, nothing gets done.”     The seed of hatred: Stop Chet Walken (@Walken4GOP)     Dan’s directorial debut – Episode 33: Directing 101     Joss Whedon, Neil Patrick Harris […]

Episode 48: Awareness Through Movement

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews Terence Cranendonk, the only authorized Awareness Through Movement teacher in Akron. “The ability to learn is infinite.” Special thanks to our friend and supporter, Dennis Bully and why it should come to Akron Mark your calendars for May 7th Do I hear a familiar voice? (HINT: Listen to HUAR Episode 10 […]

Dear Ohio: A “Dear John” Letter

Dear Ohio, In light of your humiliating performance during last week’s Super Tuesday primary, I worked up the courage to do something I’ve only dreamt about: I am breaking up with you. Though Tuesday was the catalyst for my decision, it was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. This has been a long […]

Episode 47: Making Robyn Cooper Cry

Host Benjamin Rexroad talks about the school shooting at Chardon High School followed by an interview with improviser Robyn Cooper. Recording on Leap Day – that extra day to tie up loose ends The world is watching Northeast Ohio Making Sense of School Shootings Changes coming to and HUAR (Let us know what you […]

Episode 46: Rick Santorum’s Google Problem

Host Benjamin Rexroad discusses Big Box, politics, tribalism and more with special guest and ex-HUAR host TJ Jozsa Heads Up actors as social scientists It only took 17 takes to get this episode right Big Box and Burning Man Special shout out to…Benjamin Rexroad!? You can thank Nici Romo when you see Benjamin running down […]

Do or Do Not. There is No Try.

A few months ago, on The Huffington Post, I read an article by the media maven herself, Arianna Huffington, about the crisis in our country and how politicians want to be “caught trying” to do something.  That is, they want to talk about the problems, “seem concerned” and leave a paper trail to prove it.  […]

Episode 45: Commedia dell’Akron

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews Wendy Duke, (Drama teacher at Miller South), who’s Commedia Troupe has teamed up with New World Performance Laboratory to host an afternoon of Commedia workshops on Saturday February 25th from 2 – 5pm at the Balch Street Theatre. Commedia dell’Arte – a family form of theatre Commedia is improvised, slap-stick comedy […]

Episode 44: Big Box, Week 7: “Chaos Theory”

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews Cat Kenney, writer for Chaos Theory. The longest pre-interview interview ever (From Kierkegaard to drugs and back again) Fractal science as a metaphor for theater What the heck is a Mandelbrot set? YouTube it! Cartoonist, teacher, world traveler…she even does her own stunts Vampires should read more Cat may or may […]