A Thought for the Summer Serians

July’s Summer Series was met with disdain by some of our company members.  They felt we were talking down to the crowd.  They felt we were badgering the audience for donations.  They felt we were plugging our own stuff too often.  They felt the actors worked on characters they didn’t like.  They felt it didn’t […]

Gone On The Road…

On Wednesday, TJ, the artistic director of Heads Up, and I will be heading out of town for 6 weeks.  We, along with some backpacks and a car, will be trekking across America.  Looking at our Rand McNally road atlas, this will be the first time I’ve been past the center crease that splits east […]

A Happy Ending

As referred to in Managing Artistic Director Benjamin Rexroad’s essay, Theatre: An Actor’s Medium, Heads Up is an artist-centric organization – placing the actor at the heart of the creative process. The actor is charged with not merely discovering the form but filling it. Heads Up’s ensemble uses its training to instill a certain level of […]

Director’s Notes Redux

When I first wrote the director’s notes for The Pillowman, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say.  They came out as disconnected paragraphs, each the start of a different, but interconnected, idea. Here’s what I was trying to say: Heads Up Productions is in a state of flux.  This has been weighing heavily on […]

Beyond “The Pillowman”

I approached The Pillowman rehearsal process hesitantly. I am an actor but was asked to be stage manager–a title with which I have no previous experience and, as Heads Up does not operate like a normal theatre company, I would not have the same responsibilities as a normal stage manager. I was left trying to […]

A Moment of Crisis

Life is not scripted. Each moment is new, unique, different. Many people cling to routinely determined patterns, subconsciously believing repetition will keep them safe. But the only true constant is change, so why not embrace it? Change is not our enemy or our friend. Change simply is. Accepting the idea that change is a part […]

A Family Within a Family

A family is there for each other. A family tells each other the truth even if it is hard to hear. A family listens to each other. A family communicates in an honest, healthy way in order to avoid the unnecessary moments of hurt and to enjoy the often-missed moments of happiness. A family creates […]

Good V.S. The Pillowman

There is one particular question I find myself struggling with– no matter what I think I know or what conclusions I have drawn– it always comes back. Is anyone a truly good person? When someone does something good, it is rarely a selfless act.   Broken down, it is for their own personal gain– they wish […]

The Curious Case of Katurian K. Katurian

A playwright pens the words of a character and provides a context for those words. I say those words on stage. That’s acting, right? As an actor, I already have the words. Then I try to rationalize why I am saying them, how I say them and what I really mean by saying them.  I […]

A Woman of My Word

The process of The Pillowman is different than anything I’ve ever experienced.  We’ll read through a scene, discover our character’s objective and perform it unmemorized—striving only to achieve that objective at all costs.  Then we’ll reread through the scene, add in points we have to hit and perform the scene again.  We do this until […]