‘Savage Love’fest

I discovered Dan Savage when I was 12 or 13 and coming to terms with my sexuality. He was tucked away in the back of the local “alternative paper” that was given away on top of the magazine stand at my local library Hidden among ads for “erotic massage” and “tranny escorts” on the page […]

“Finding Joe” is a Call to Adventure

When I was a teenager, any time it came up, I would tell people that I was my own hero. In fact, my favorite song was Hero in Me by Jeffery Gaines. My response was intended to be glib, full of winking narcissism. Eventually, that went by the wayside. As an adult, nobody asks you […]

New World Performance Lab’s Studio 2 Inaugural Production makes a Powerful Political Statement

“How can someone have teeth like that and still procreate,” asks a driver who has been taken hostage by the two title characters in the New World Performance Laboratory Studio 2 production of A Couple of Poor, Polish-Speaking Romanians. To be honest, this is a question I ask myself whenever I encounter couples where one […]

Actors Make Adaptation of ‘Bluest Eye’ Sizzle

Until I saw The Bluest Eye, directed by Fred Sternfeld at Karamu House in Cleveland, I don’t think I had ever watched a production that inspired two contradictory trains of thought. Before I explain those divergent trains, a background of the play is necessary. The Bluest Eye is adapted from Noble Prize-winning author Toni Morrison’s […]

“The Walking Dead” is Resurrected for 2nd Season

My first encounter with The Walking Dead was in the form of a graphic novel.  I read a collection of the first 6 comics in the series, The Walking Dead Vol. 1: Days Gone Bye, sometime in 2007.  Being a college student who found out I was living beyond my means, I couldn’t afford to […]

“Community” Earns an A+

Last week, I was sick. So I locked myself in my room with Community, a television show I had been avoiding, and didn’t come out until I had watched every episode.  I wasn’t avoiding the show for any reason other than I didn’t need another 22-minute distraction in my weekly routine.  In fact, I had […]

The Monsters in “Monster Play” at CPT Give a Spine-Tingling Performance

Last night, TJ and I attended Monster Play, a devised play created in partnership between Theatre Ninjas and Cleveland Public Theatre.  For those of you who may not know, “devised” refers to a work created in a collaborative process, most often with actors improvising scenes and dialogue before establishing a fixed form for performance. As […]

Review of “I Dreamed of Rats”

A living room.  A man.  A few props. We, the scarce amount of guests, had been invited to watch a performance that almost felt like an intrusion into somebody’s private home and, in a way, it was.  Terence Cranendonk is creating a new paradigm for theatrical art in Northeast Ohio.  His “Where We Live” series […]