Heads Up Productions is a new company.

Starting a theatre is, to be honest, a crazy idea.  The economy is hurting, support for the arts is dwindling and we’re all students.  But, we feel we have something to say.  Something powerful.  Something important.

If you feel moved by our work or even that, “hey, these kids have
potential,” consider donating to us.  $1, $2, $5 or (We can hope, right?) $100 would go unbelievably far in making our dreams come true.  We’d also be happy to take donations of costumes, set pieces, props, space or anything else you can think of.  Please e-mail to discuss your donation.

If you can’t donate something tangible, we understand.  Your support is just as valuable. See our shows. Tell someone about us.  Talk us up.  Let people know that we’re here, that we’re dreaming and that we’ll never stop creating.  Be inspired.  Do something.  Live.  Love.  Imagine.  Play.

Click below to see the (growing) list of our supporters.




  1. Ashleigh Wolf says:

    Ben, I’m so unbelievably impressed with this website! The biographies are incredibly interesting and informative, and I thought the Partners and Links page was so well done. I’m so proud of you and TJ, and have already started spreading the word for your cause 🙂


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