A Christmas Carol

Heads Up’s first production, A Christmas Carol bore all the tell-tale signs of one of our productions. Marked by a simple set (a table and a few chairs), this staged-reading placed the actors at the center of the performance event and invited the audience into the play by engaging their imaginations. The actors transformed from character to character quickly and in full view of the audience. The binders became an extension of the performer and of the stage, rather than a hindrance.

This production toured around Akron, including a special performance for the residents of
Manor Care – a local assisted living facility.

The Ensemble

Yan Kirichenko
Janelle (Nilla) Lanney
India Burton
Natalie Dove
TJ Jozsa
Anastacia Rahe
Anthony Satterwhite
Adam Thatcher
Antonia Villalon

Director: Benjamin Rexroad

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Rehearsal photos by Brenda Rexroad

A Review of A Christmas Carol

That was a great show last night!  Do you remember Jason? Anyway, he said that what made the show was that you didn’t have a lot of fancy props. He also liked when you guys got the audience involved.  Just wanted you to know that you all got good reviews from me and Jason.  Thank you for inviting me.  I had a great time and so did Jason.

-Joel Sanford
December 2009



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