Eurydice by Pulitzer Prize nominee Sarah Ruhl, is a bittersweet and off-beat retelling of the classic love story of Orpheus and Eurydice, through the perspective of the departed heroine – Eurydice. After her arrant death on her wedding day, Eurydice finds herself in the underworld. Reunited with her father she attempts to remember and reconcile with her lost love, Orpheus.

Hosted by the University of Akron, Heads Up’s Eurydice would have given Oedipus the willies.  Heads Up’s production centered on a love-triangle, underlining the struggle between Eurydice’s desire to reunite with Orpheus while remaining with her father. Accentuated by a beautiful design and creative direction, the show was well-received.

The Ensemble

Lindsey Jester
Eddie Doldrum
TJ Jozsa
Allison Good
Johnny Luoma
Kendra Strickland
Kimberly Strickland
Rosilyn Jentner

Director: Benjamin Rexroad
Stage Manager/Lighting Designer: Colin Teeling
Assistant Stage Manager/Properties Designer: Sam Ost
Set Designer: Whitney Tatko
Costume Designers: Kimberly and Kendra Strickland
Assistant Lighting/Set Designer: India Burton

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Photos by PeaSea Photography


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