The first Summer Series event, entitled Art?, was held Friday, June 10th and Friday, June 17th at 6 pm.

June’s performances asked, “What is Art?” A question that pervades Heads Up’s production of The Pillowman.  There were six avant-garde vignettes including:

“On the Street” Interactive Arts Reporting by Margaret Lute
A Heads Up Folktale featuring Greg Grimes, Margaret Lute, Nick Kannel & Sharon Pritt
Vacation featuring Nici Romo & Nick Kannel
Portrait Painting 101 featuring Eliza Jacops, Greg Grimes & Sharon Pritt
Carl and Mrs. Carl featuring Eliza Jacops & Nici Romo
Strawberry Jam featuring Margaret Lute, Eliza Jacops, Nici Romo, Greg Grimes, Nick Kannel & Sharon Pritt

Directed by TJ Jozsa

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Photos by PeaSea Photography

A Heads Up Folk Tale

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