This Place is a Prison…

“This Place is a Prison… “ –The Postal Service One question we received during our initial staged reading of 1,000 Hills was, “who are the people telling the story?” We lacked a framing device to properly contextualize our script. Preparing for the reading, my research focused on the genocide itself. Between the Tutsi people and […]

Akron Company featured in Cleveland Theatre Festival

Most theatres in the Akron-area shy away from controversial material, choosing to produce fare that won’t leave audiences demanding their ticket money back.  Heads Up Productions does just the opposite.  “Heads Up has consistently, since it’s founding, had a dark side and I think that helps shake people,” said Artistic Director TJ Jozsa. Our production, […]

Episode 40: Big Box, Week 3: “1,000 Hills” and “To the Sea…”

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews India Burton and Christine McBurney, guest artists in Cleveland Public Theatre’s Big Box Series. 1,000 Hills written by India Burton A play about the Rwandan Genocide India doesn’t come to rehearsal, but when she does… Benjamin’s “inferiority complex” This cast is so good… (How good is it?!?) Similarities and differences between […]

“1,000 Hills” as part of Cleveland Public Theatre’s Big Box Series

“1,000 Hills” Audition Announcement

Head Up Productions Announces Auditions for 1,000 Hills by India Burton As part of Cleveland Public Theatre’s Big [Box] Series Cleveland Public Theatre’s Big [Box] series is hosting Heads Up Productions’ “gripping” 1,000 Hills.  1,000 Hills follows three tourists who find themselves in Rwanda just as genocidal violence breaks out.  As tensions mount, the tourists have […]

A Thought for the Summer Serians

July’s Summer Series was met with disdain by some of our company members.  They felt we were talking down to the crowd.  They felt we were badgering the audience for donations.  They felt we were plugging our own stuff too often.  They felt the actors worked on characters they didn’t like.  They felt it didn’t […]