Two Steps Forward

When does Work begin? When the hammer hits the nail’s head? When the first bead of sweat drips from your face? Does it begin before the work begins? Since training with Double Edge this summer, questions like these have left me pondering for hours. Therefore, when asked to write an essay expressing the importance of […]

The Hardest Thing I’ve Done…

I trace the droplet of sweat from the center of my forehead and down the end of my nose to where it hits the floor. It gathers on my back, just below the waistband of my pants. My knees lock like twigs about to snap. I know I’m supposed to be doing something, but for […]

A Happy Ending

As referred to in Managing Artistic Director Benjamin Rexroad’s essay, Theatre: An Actor’s Medium, Heads Up is an artist-centric organization – placing the actor at the heart of the creative process. The actor is charged with not merely discovering the form but filling it. Heads Up’s ensemble uses its training to instill a certain level of […]

The Curious Case of Katurian K. Katurian

A playwright pens the words of a character and provides a context for those words. I say those words on stage. That’s acting, right? As an actor, I already have the words. Then I try to rationalize why I am saying them, how I say them and what I really mean by saying them.  I […]