Pure Intentions Part Duex

Thank you to Pure Intentions for their support of another Heads Up show!

Portage Surgical Associates, Inc.

Another wonderful sponsor from The Pillowman. (Make sure to check them out.)

Akron ReGeek

One of our awesome show sponsors from The Pillowman.

Angel Falls

A great place for coffee (or tea- definitely the best tea spot in Akron).  If you’re wondering where somebody in Highland Square is hanging out… it’s probably here.

Pure Intentions

Pure Intentions.  ‘Nuff said. http://www.pureintentionsinc.com

Every Blooming Thing

Following a performance of 1,000 Hills, there was a proposal.  Where did all the flowers come from?  Every Blooming Thing.  If you need flowers… This is your place to get them.    Great flower shop owned and operated by a great guy.  We’re proud EBT is a sponsor for Corpus Christi.  We couldn’t ask for […]

Dance Your Soul

Heads Up Productions is excited to announce one of our sponsors for Corpus Christi. Dance Your Soul is a movement meditation that happens on the 2nd Sunday and 4th Friday of every month.  Several of our company members attend and we all think it’s an amazing experience.  Make sure you check out their special live […]