The Grateful Deadheads, Part 3

During our third and final pass through Colorado, we attended a Further concert at Red Rocks, a beautiful natural amphitheatre a few minutes away from Matt and Renee’s home.  Further is led by former Grateful Dead members Bob Weir and Phil Lesh. TJ and I wanted to explore Denver, so we were late getting to […]

The Grateful Deadheads, Part 2

Between the two of them, Aunt Renee and Uncle Matt attended over 100 Dead shows.   According to Renee, “every show was different.”  The band was known for playing a unique set list each night while weaving songs together through improvisational riffs.  The spontaneity and originality of the performances created a special class of Deadhead denizen […]

The Grateful Deadheads, Part 1

When my best friend texted that TJ and I could stay with his Aunt and Uncle in Colorado, I was excited to have a bed for few nights during our 6-week journey through the western United States.  Aunt Renee and Uncle Matt, he told me, spent years following The Grateful Dead around the country.  I […]

Gone On The Road…

On Wednesday, TJ, the artistic director of Heads Up, and I will be heading out of town for 6 weeks.  We, along with some backpacks and a car, will be trekking across America.  Looking at our Rand McNally road atlas, this will be the first time I’ve been past the center crease that splits east […]

Finding Our American Roots

Growing up—and even now—people would ask me, “where is your family from?”  They wanted to know about my ancestry. My reply was always:  “America.” America never satisfied people’s curiosity.  America, so it seemed, didn’t qualify as a place where anyone could be from; my ancestors couldn’t possibly be Americans. However, I feel I am as […]