Episode 51: Anatomy of a GenderQueer

This is the FIRST-EVER explict Heads Up Arts Radio. Not because we deem the material explicit, but because there are segments of the population who might be offended. And because some of the “surgery speak” might be a little yicky. (If you get grossed out by the plastic surgery shows on TV, you might want […]

Episode 50: High “FiveOne Experimental Orchestra”

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews teacher, composer and President of FiveOne Experimental Orchestra, Dr. Michael Bratt. “I’m always rooting to hear the best piece of music I’ve ever heard.” The Versatility of a Modern Day Composer FiveOne Experimental Orchestra – a Music Collective The Perfect Combo: Blending contemporary art with popular music Three ways to experience […]

A Thought for the Summer Serians

July’s Summer Series was met with disdain by some of our company members.  They felt we were talking down to the crowd.  They felt we were badgering the audience for donations.  They felt we were plugging our own stuff too often.  They felt the actors worked on characters they didn’t like.  They felt it didn’t […]


The Market Path in Highland Square (next to Chipotle) is hosting Heads Up Productions’ Summer Series, a cycle of hour-long performances devised by Heads Up company members.  Each month from June-August will feature a new program consisting of a collection of short, interrelated pieces created by the actors.  The Summer Series will takes place on […]

The “Fundamentals” of Art

As a child I often heard the phrase, “it’s a small world,” but simply brushed it off as just another insignificant cliché.  As our world becomes increasingly connected due to advances in technology and the growth of globalization, the world actually does seem smaller, microscopic even.  Thanks to the joys of Google Maps, I can […]